MM SLIDEDay two of bottling-palooza continued with “Mad Michael” Flying V Sour Lagrrr! (our fourth version).

IMG_1382Resident “Beerdsmith” Sean loads up another case. We also bottled “BILLY” Full-Stack IIPA yesterday, pic below of one of the full pallets of IIPA goodness.

IMG_1381Both as well as “Bon Bon” bottles will be available tomorrow (Thursday 12/18) in our Tap Room, and all three will be distributed throughout NYC, Westchester and beyond.

IMG_1384Cheers! – Rulpsen



Check out one of our customers redeeming their “golden ticket” – If you find one of our bottles with a gray S cap bring it on in to the Tap Room get two BON BON bottles and two logoed glasses, on us!

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.53.28 PM



George SlideThis week we’re finally brewing up a beer that’s been a Beersmiths favorite since we tested a pilot batch of it last year: “GEORGE” Calme Ale D’Abbaye. This Belgian Dubbel will be incorporating a few SingleCut touches, stay tuned for deets on that.

We’ll be following it up with the return of our Belgian Pale Ale “ALEX” and we’ll also be brewing a version of “JÅN” using the same Belgian yeast strain. George should be on tap by early-January. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! – Rulpsen



DEAN-REMASTEREDOur “DEAN” PNW Mahogany Ale was the first beer we brewed. During the past two years we’ve tweaked and tinkered with this recipe and for our most recent batch (now on tap) we gave it a brighter PNW hop profile we really like. So we’ve dubbed this new version “DEAN REMASTERED”: Meet the new “DEAN”! – Rulpsen



IMG_1379Are y’all ready for this? Available 12/18 in our Tap Room and throughout NYC thereafter. (Not to mention “MAD MICHAEL” Flying V Sour Lagrrr! will also be available in bottles on the 18th too). – Rulpsen




IMG_1373We brewed up another batch of “ERIC” More Cowbell! Chocolate Milk Stout this week, upping the chocolate additions just because that is how we do. – Rulpsen



Keep posting those pics, we love ‘em!

Montage 2



It’s been so gratifying to see all the pics of our “BON BON” posted virally. One really caught our eye, taken by our friends at 60 BEANS (we happen to know the shutterbug there who is quite a talented guy). Please keep the pics coming! – Rulpsen

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 6.39.15 PM



“BILLY” FULL-STACK is back on tap Dec 11th, and will be available in bottles Dec 18th. Thunderbolt and lightning! – Rulpsen

Full Stack Slide 3



Thanks to all that stocked up on “BON BON” bottles this holiday weekend and to those that expressed their enthusiasm in pics. We’ve included a little accompanying ditty below so please enjoy (BTW we’ve got plenty in stock and should be good all through December). – Rulpsen

Bon bon montageToday is approaching, to give it your best
You’ve got to reach your prime.
That’s when you need to put your beer to the test
and show us a passage of time.

We’re gonna need a montage.

A “BON BON” montage.
Show a lotta bottles, happening at once,
Remind everyone of what’s goin’ on.
With every shot show a glass pour,
to show it all would take too long.

That’s called a montage.

Even Rocky had a montage.
in any town, if you want to show
how beer distribution can grow

You need a montage.

A simple little montage.

Always fade out in a montage.
If you fade out it seems like more time has passed in a montage.